Work and Career

Editing and Coaching clients include:

Bert Hellinger Institute Netherlands 
Cap Gemini
Dent Blanche BV
Eindhoven in Dialogue
FNV (a Dutch Trade Union) 
Food & Biobased Research
Food Valley 
KOG (Knowledge Centre for Orthopaedic Surgery in Geldrop) 
Lisette de Jong Text & Advice
Mountain Child Care
Tias NImbas Business School 
Tilburg University
Top Institute Food and Nutrition 
Verder BV
Wageningen University


In a long career, exclusively in Sales and Marketing, I worked for companies as diverse as Johnson & Johnson, Nortel, Research Machines and Clarify.

In fields from FMCG (aka Consumer Packaged Goods), technology solutions sales, CRM, education, business analytics, consultancy, SAS and more.

I worked with, as clients or on co-delivered projects, organizations including Accenture, Cap Gemini, EDS, KPMG, American Express Banking, HP, Nokia, Hitachi, Intergraph, Océ and more.

I began life as a Sales Administration Assistant and have filled every frontline sales role up to European Sales Manager.